Age 16 year old build in 1998
Roommate Megatronia
Villainous Parent Megatron
Tomorrow, the World! Be the leader of the Decepticon like my dad and my sister as co-chief.
Curses, Foiled Again! Be deefeated by the future Autobots will be my nightmare in my future.
Superpower Lottery Shotgun
Favorite Subject Phys Ed and Drama
Least Favorite Subject Music art.
Accomplices Megatronia and Electrion are my best friend. }}
"I am Smartron"

- Smartron to the humans

Smartron is the son of Megatron and twin brother of Megatronia.


He's also kind and friendly he never hurt anyone, but only if we provoked him he will get angry, he don't want to be the villain and chief like his father. But like every super villains child he shall accepted his destiny, he's also very good in humor he can make every jokes funny, he do not understand why he's should play the villain, so he should have to face the reality. Because he can't not escape his destinies to be the villain, so he have to do good things for the moment, but when time come he will have no choice to be on the evil side.

Physical DescriptionEdit

He all grey and black metallic have red eyes like his father, muffler in guise of clothes like every decepticons, and wheels in guise of feets at every tranformations.



He's the son of Megatron and twin brother of Megatronia, he's really close to his family, he's never mad at them , but some time he do have trash talking with his sister, but they calm down quikly.


His twin sister Megatronia is his best since they are child and do not want anything happen to her, He's also friend with Electrion Bolt who is his best friend since his childhood, they are never separated each other, until if his sister get mad.


Do not own a pet, because his father don't want him to have a pet, like they said machine don't need a pet, so that's why he do not have one.


Well same if he's a machine, he think he can't love someone because he's a robot, but since he meet Greenia Goblin, everything change, he seem to be interested in the young girl, he do not know she have the same feeling for him,. Because they didn't notice each other, and don't know how the others will react, so they do not talk about it since that day, because other future decepticons think they can't love, so that's why he ignore her feeling and leave when his sister get mad, everytime he tries to talk to Greenia.

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