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If you've happened to find this quaint little place, we happily welcome you to our community! Iron Heights Academy is home to many students, all training to be the next generation of successful (or not-so, depending on their parentage) supervillains. Here you can create original characters, write stories and produce artwork about your fanon sons and daughters of your favourite comic book antagonists, both from Marvel Comics, DC Productions or anywhere that you can find superheroes.

Announcements and NewsEdit

  • We're a new wiki and thus are still growing. Please help add more pages, categories and posts to help make this place a little more homey.
  • If there's something you would like for the admins to help you with, add to the wiki or just generally deal with, please leave a message on our talk pages.
  • Similarly, if there's anything you'd like to help us with, we're fine with that too! Feel free to offer suggestions and we'll most likely take you up on them.
  • Just join in general! We need all the help we can get to make this place as awesome as it can possibly be and more like-minded members are much appreciated here.

Our Lovely StaffEdit

Should you need anything, please contact MissGeek, the main admin and creator of this wiki. Other admins will be appointed when more people join the wiki.

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Villains DC

We look forward to meeting a cast of characters as colourful as their predecessors.

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