"I Dare You, Tried to Defeat Me".

-Greenia Goblin to the Next Spider-Man

Greenia Goblin Is the Only Daughter of Green Goblin

Greenia Goblin
Greenia Goblin
Age 13 Year Old
Roommate Electrion Bolt
Villainous Parent Green Goblin
Tomorrow, the World! I have to defeated the next Spider-Man, to finally have my victory on him.
Curses, Foiled Again! Be defeated every time by the next Spider-Man, it will a shame if i lose over him for that.
Superpower Lottery Throwing Pumpkins
Favorite Subject Mathematic I love Compting the pumpkins i throw on someone.
Least Favorite Subject Dunno
Accomplices Electrion Bolt is my only friend that,s only him i can really trust when i want to be with someone. }}


She's really a good friend for some Super villains child, but she can be also mean when we provoked her, She's also love to throwing pumpkins at people. She's a little bit annoying when she talk, because she habve an evil laugh so weird, but she's also helpful when she tries to help someone. She can be friendly if she want to be friend with someone she trust, she don't like when we are mean with her, she think we go to hurt her if we approach her. She don't really want to hurt anyone, but when she's mad people should run, because when she's throwing pumpkins that's no escape.

Physical DescriptionEdit

She had green skin like her father Green Goblin, She's also black hairs with a little bit of violet she like to make tails with them, She's also wore a violet tube shirt with cape and violet heels on her feets. She's a really fashion girl like some girls of her school, but she's not really a fashion victims, but she love fashion clothes, specialy well she buy one.



She's the only daughter of Green Goblin, she,s very close to her father like Electrion and his family, She love to flying with him. She also like to scared people with him, by throwing pumpkins, she like that when she's not in a good mood, She can't lived without her father.


Electrion Bolt Is her child hood bestfriend, she never gave up on him he's even there when she need him, she know she can trust him. But sometime they had to be on their own, because they need to find their paths, so when they team up everyone should watch their back.


She really like birs, so she having a crow named Demon, because she like that name and his black feathers. Her father gave that crow to her for her thirdten birthday on october, so she really take care of her crow, and she's really sweet with him, and geed him when he's needed.


She maybe have a crush on Smartron son of Megatron, but she don't really know if he feel the same for her, because she never speak to him by fear to be rejected by him. So she do not really knowing if he like her or not, because like some people super villains said Machine are made for have romance, but she still think they will be love someone. If they can because for now she remain single, and still waiting to talk to him about how she's feeling, but every time she want to talk to him he's gone.


  • Her birthday is a 5 October.
  • She like to throw pumpkins on people.
  • She like put tricks on someone.
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