Is the first Episode of Solonor1987 called School Of Madness, On his own characters, but he can put other characters if you ask him.


Electrion Bolt

Greenia Goblin


The headmaster of the school was in office in the morning, and he decide to make a welcolme annoucement to all new students who arricve in the school.

Headmaster; Good morning to you al, i hope you're passed a horrible summer, because this year you will be training how to be evil this year will be the day of super villains, so that's all for the moment have a bad day at our school.

Electrion and greenia were walking in the yeard when they heard the message, Electrion was not too happy about what he heard.

Electrion: Do you Heard what he say.

greenia: Yeah this year go to be awesome.

Electrion: talk for you, Oops sorry.

Electrion just bunk into a girl.

Megatronia: Yeah you should, be sorry idiot.

Smartron: Megatronia, sorry about my sister you know she's ever like that.

Greenia: we know.

Electrion: Yeah, But She's cute.

Megatronia: What do you said.

Electrion: Nothing.

megatronia: You shock hurt me.

Electrion: Sorry.

They footsteps behind them, Two Girls came to their way.

Girl 1: What Going on here.

Girl 2; Yeahwe heard you from the classroom.

Megatronia: Is not of you're busines, this idiot shock hurt me, i am leaving.

Smartron: Sorry about that.

Electrion: You see why the girls are scared of me.

greenia: Don't worry about that, we should go class begin soon.

And they walk away for the classroom.

The end.

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